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The documentary film of Opava's Holos Center is reaping success in Prague

Big Hall of the Municipal Library in Prague sold out to the last place - such interest was on Thursday 2.11. to see a new documentary directed by Viliam Poltikovic - "From the Darkness of the Soul ... Light", the producer of which is the Holos International Transpersonal Center. More than 400 people attended the screening of the film and subsequent talks.

The feature-length documentary, which was first presented to the world public at the International Transpersonal Conference in late September this year in Prague, presents the theme of a psychospiritual crisis. A theme that is almost unknown to the public, but it can touch everyone.

This type of crisis is often mistakenly considered as psychosis or schizophrenia by physicians or psychologists, and consequently is healing by psychopharmacs. Conditions, which may have a stormy course, however, have a great transformational and healing potential.

The psychospiritual crisis comes suddenly and unexpectedly - the person is overwhelmed and confused by extraordinary experiences. He has distinctive and surprising changes in perception, consciousness and emotions. For example, his consciousness can leave the body, he can have inner visions, he can perceive different lights and energy in his body and in the space, often accompanied with unusual physical experiences. All of this can be intoxicating but also unpleasant and even unbearable, and person can stops functioning in everyday life, and his surroundings do not know what is happening with him. Very often this problem is unnecessarily solved by psychopharmacs and by staying in psychiatric ward.

Understanding the healing potential of the crisis, which has been given only superficial attention in professional circles so far, offers an opportunity for the recovery of individuals and society. That is why the documentary film has been made – to introduce the concept and meaning of the psychospiritual crisis - in the form of stories of people who have gone through this crisis, and commentaries by experts led by the founder of transpersonal psychology Stanislav Grof.

Almost two hours of talks with Milan Hrabánek, Viliam Poltikovič and Jaroslav Formanek showed the audience's great interest in this issue, when many audiences entrusted with experiencing similar experiences. The audience also appreciated the great honesty and courage of the people who shared their deep experiences in the film.

Another public screening of the documentary is now being prepared in Opava, in the home town of Holos, which created the film in collaboration with Viliam Poltikovic.

On November 15th, the movie will be screened with a subsequent discussion with the authors of the documentary. We cordially invite the public, but also professionals from the field of psychiatry and psychology to see the film and participate in the discussion.

You can buy tickets and read more information on and

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