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Film about spiritual emergency was screened at Avalon Festival

Viliam Poltikovic's film "From the Darkness of the Soul ... Light" was screened on Sunday, November 19th in Uherske Hradiste during the Avalon Festival. This time, the audience also showed great interest in the subject of the spiritual emergency in the following discussion.

After the screening, the director of the International Transpersonal Center Holos Tomáš Váňa presented a call for further support of this educational project. The following discussion was attended by Milan Hrabánek, the head of the Holos Therapeutic Team and two of the film performers who had gone through the spiritual emergency.

In the discussion, people were particularly interested in the impact of the spiritual emergency on the family life and they wanted to know more about services of the Holos Center, which provides a safe environment for people going through such a crisis.

Another possibility to watch the documentary is December 13 in Kroměříž. Also after this screening, there will be a talk with Milan Hrabánek and other performers.

You can find more information on and

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