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Film about the spiritual emergency in Kroměříž

Kroměříž screening of the film about the spiritual emergency called "From the Darkness of the Soul ... Light" came to see also the staff of the Kroměříž psychiatric hospital. The following discussion took about an hour and a half and was held in a constructive spirit.

Leader of the therapeutic Holos team MUDr. Milan Hrabánek pointed during the discussion on the necessity of classical psychiatric care for a number of diagnosis, but also on the errors of classical psychiatry in diagnosis and therefore the subsequent inappropriate treatment of some cases, especially treatment of people in spiritual emergency. Official psychiatric literature focuses on spiritual emergency (eg Cyril Höschl's Psychiatry or Crisis Intervention by Daniela Vodáková), but most doctors do not work with this theme further.

Another opportunity to watch the documentary will be at the Holos Center in Opava on January 16th. Also after this screening, there will be a discussion with Milan Hrabánek and other performers.

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