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Film about spiritual emergency in Holos

On Tuesday, January 16, 2018, the film "From the Darkness of the Soul ... Light" was screened at the Holos International Transpersonal Center. The film has symbolically returned to the place where several parts of the film were shot, especially interviews with prof. Stanislav Grof and MUDr. Milan Hrabánek. The following discussion was attended not only by public, but also by clients currently undergoing the therapeutic program of the Center.

New documentary "From the Darkness of the Soul ... Light" was directed by Viliam Poltikovic and the producer is the Holos International Transpersonal Center. The film is part of the Holos Center's broader awareness project and aims to familiarize the lay and professional public with the theme of the psychospiritual crisis, which is often misdiagnosed and ineffectively treated by psychopharmacs.

The screening was followed by discussion with MUDr. Milan Hrabánek, Head of Holos Therapeutic Team, and Jana Vysoudilová, one of the film's actors who shared their personal story with a psychospiritual crisis. Jana is also a member of the Holos therapeutic team, organizes music therapy workshops and relaxation evenings with healing music in our center.

Visitors could also see the Holos center premises and gain more awareness of its activities and events.

Another screening will be 30.1. in Kopřivnice, 13.2. in Šternberk and in March in several other cities.

You can find more information on and on

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