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"From the darkness... light" was a success in Kopřivnice

On Tuesday, January 30, 2018, a documentary film directed by Viliam Poltikovic was screened at the film club in Koprivnice. The theme of spiritual emergency attracted nearly 100 people to the Puls cinema in Kopřivnice.

Again, the following discussion was successful. It was led by Tomas Vana, Holos Center director, and two performers were sharing their experiences with the spiritual emergency. People were interested in the Holos Center's work, and how the performers live now, after overcoming the crisis. It has also turned out that there are people with similar experiences in the audience, but they have not had the chance or the courage to share these experiences until now.

The film is part of the Holos Center's broader awareness project and aims to familiarize the lay and professional public with the theme of the psychospiritual crisis, which is often misdiagnosed and ineffectively treated by psychopharmacs.

Another screening will be in March in Písek, Plzeň and Kadaň. You can find more information about the screening times and also about the whole project on

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