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Film about the spiritual emergency attracted almost 300 people to the cinema in Opava

Even in the home city of the International Transpersonal Center Holos, there is a great public interest in the theme of the psychospiritual crisis. Almost 300 people saw the premiere "From the Darkness of the Soul ... Light" on Wednesday 15.11. There was also great interest in the follow-up discussion lasting more than one and a half hour.

New documentary "From the Darkness of the Soul ... Light" was directed by Viliam Poltikovic and the producer is the Holos International Transpersonal Center. Viliam Poltikovič also attended a follow-up discussion together with MUDr. Milan Hrabánek as the author of the project and Helena Hudečková, one of the film's actors who shared her personal story with a psychospiritual crisis.

The film is part of the Holos Center's broader awareness project and aims to familiarize the lay and professional public with the theme of the psychospiritual crisis, which is often misdiagnosed and ineffectively treated by psychopharmacs. The Holos Center, as part of the ISEN international network, opens a professional discussion on this topic, and offers a solution in the form of a center in Opava-Vlaštovičky, where people going through this type of crisis can work on its successful coping in safe environment. Another part of the project is the publication of a book with stories of people who have gone through the psychospiritual crisis and then launching a training program for therapists who want to specialize in work with people in psychospiritual crisis.

Another possibility to watch the documentary will be this Sunday 19.11. in Uherské Hradiště as part of the Avalon festival. Also after this screening, there will be a discussion with Milan Hrabánek.

You can find more information about the project on

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